AZ hobby farm. Homemaking Mama. Lavender lady.

Hi! I'm Brandy. I'm a Christian, wife, mother of 3 young children, and aspiring lavender farmer, homesteader, crafter, and writer.

My herd of wild animals--I mean children--are my inspiration. My husband and I spend our days chasing the children, gardening in the sunshine, going on quad rides, and creating things. Homesteady things.

And weeding. And watering. And watering the weeds. Weeding some more. Such is farmlife in Arizona.

This SoCal city girl had some adjusting to do! It turns out, after dedicating myself to "Blooming where you are planted," this is exactly where I needed to be to rediscover the old fashioned nester that I had forgotten.

In addition to my family, "pole barn" home, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, sheep, giant garden, field of hay, and numerous fruit trees, I have recently added lavender farming to our acreage.

So grab a floppy hat and a bouquet of fresh wildflowers and let's have a tea party and talk about things.  We can inspire each other to sow, tend, and harvest the fruit of life.

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