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A Little Spring Inspiration for Life

Hey guys!

The last month has been insane but alas, it is a new month.  Hello May!  Somehow, my laptop broke and two giant projects of mine merged into a tangle of craziness.  I am in the 3rd week of painting my house (SO hard with little kids running around!) and I am about halfway through planting my 288 lavender plants.  More to come on both projects later!

In the spirit of springtime inspiration, I wanted to chat a little about the seasons of life.  The seasons of growth are pretty obvious and exciting aren’t they?  But people don’t often put their seasons of stagnation or rest on Facebook and Instagram, do they?  Sometimes we get stuck in a season that seems more than just a short period.

Since I am from California, I have heard all about a several year long drought from family and friends.  The drought was so long and severe, scientists started thinking it was just a very wet century and maybe this was the norm! Luckily for my dear Californians, a new year was a new start with record moisture, record wildflowers, and record crops.

I have experienced a drought like this, largely due to dealing with huge life changes and depression/ADD.  I thought that life would be this way forever.  There will be times in life where it’s just about survival, desperate for growth and blooms, but waiting for the drought to end.  Then, all of a sudden, spring will shower you with lovely conditions and all the things you have been fighting for, to no avail, will suddenly blossom into a new season of life.

My challenge for myself this May is to put down the Pinterest and Instagram and therefore the unrealistic expectations of what life/home/family should be, and go outside in the sunshine and nurture the green things that poke out of the dry Arizona dirt and nurture the baby farm animals all around me.  To expose my children to the magic of a fragrant bloom.  To bask in the sunshine before the wave of heat (aka survival) of summer comes.

Cheers to iced lemonade, wet baby kisses, enjoying Pina Coladas while listening to the wild animals-I mean children- laugh and play, and watching the warm sun go down in the hammock.

Who wants to join me?  Whats your favorite way to enjoy, or survive, the season you are in?  Leave a comment below!

Live. Love. Lavender. 


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