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7 Unique Decor Items for the Old Fashioned Soul

Hey guys!

I have had some inspiration for old fashioned decor after watching “Anne with an E” on Netflix and scouring the background for decor inspo.  I think there is something enchanting about having items in your home that have a history, have been cared for be the hands of previous generations, and are unique and often better quality than the mass produced furniture you find at department stores.  The home of grandmother’s generation was more humble, harder working and practical, simpler, and more wholesome.  Perhaps the desire to incorporate the old is where the shabby chic trend came from.

Here are 7 unique decor items for the old fashioned soul:

The Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are distinctly old fashioned and perfect for rocking fussy babes, crocheting, or just sitting quietly in front of the fire.  Its fairly easy to find an inexpensive rocker on craigslist or in thrift or antique stores, or you can get as fancy as you want.


The China Hutch

Display your favorite dishes, knick knacks, and decor.  Mine is my favorite piece of furniture in the house and holds my grandmother’s tea cups and teapot, silk flowers, and a “Farmer’s Market Sign.”  It’s also great for storage if you need more space.


The Pie Safe

What better way to inspire more baking?  If baking isn’t your forte, this is another great way to get more storage with a beautiful and unique piece of furniture.  I personally don’t have room for a pie safe and a china hutch in my kitchen but it has been stored in the “someday” list!


The Grandfather Clock

These can get pretty expensive and sometimes can be hard to find depending on you area.  If you find an inexpensive one, they are a great DIY.  Check out Pinterest; some people restore them, some turn them into bookshelves or storage.  I ended up opting for an inexpensive new Grandmother clock because at this stage of life I wasn’t ready to shell out the money for a quality antique piece.  I still love hearing the click of each second and chime each hour.

The Tea Cart

I had never heard of a tea cart until recently, but once the mental image of rolling your tea and fancies on an antique tea cart to the garden entered my mind, I had to have one.  I love it because I don’t have room for a serving bar, so it can be used for a dual purpose.  Plus it is very unique and uncommon, though fairly easy to find. I love painted distressed furniture and someday hope to makeover mine like this one!

The Bread Box

The idea of hiding all the bread bags flopping around sounds good to me!  There are some cute makeovers on Pinterest to make it more worth the kitchen space.



The Pitcher

Some of the most beautiful decor is a pitcher full of flowers, but I have ended up with too many pitchers and tea pots! I have used them for pens, pencils, utensils, and scissors as well.  There are plenty of practical uses for them and they have character and charm.



While much of my grandmother’s style doesn’t speak to me, her house is the perfect place for inspiration.  Leave a comment with your ideas of old fashioned decor!


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